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Welcome to Avtech Services! We’re a team of certified, factory-trained, and laboratory-accredited professionals who have more than 15 years of experience working on vision and optical measurement systems.

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Project Description

This scope is the official description of the work that is completed to perform calibrations on vision and optical inspection systems.

Why Avtech Services?

As stated in the operator’s manual, all technical and service questions should be performed by factory-trained personnel. That statement includes installation and initial calibration, ISPEC software updates, and repairs and upgrades.

All Avtech Services personnel are factory-trained and certified to calibrate and repair your systems. All our service and calibration personnel attend refresher courses on a regular basis. As new models are introduced, they attend factory training to keep them abreast of new developments.

Work That Is Performed

Avtech Services in Fort Worth, Texas follows the suggested routine provided by the manufacturer for the calibration of all equipment. For example, if we use Micro-Vu, we’ll comply with their guidelines.

Calibration Masters Utilized

All artifacts used in the calibration will maintain a certificate of calibration from an accredited laboratory.

Certificate of Calibration

A certificate of calibration is produced containing the following information:

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Affected Business Processes or Systems

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Micro-Vu Measuring Parts for the Multiple Industries 

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